Case Study: Sarah's Financial Transformation

June 18th, 2024

Case Study: Sarah's Financial Transformation

Meet Sarah: Sarah is a marketing executive who enjoys a vibrant social life, often dining out with friends and indulging in online shopping. However, she started noticing that her spending habits were cutting into her savings goals. Seeking a way to balance enjoying life and saving money, Sarah turned to Glow Money for help. The personalised savings plan she received highlighted key areas where she could make small adjustments for substantial savings.

Sarah's Financial Journey:

1. Dining Out and Bars

Current Spend: $4,900 annually

Sarah loved eating out, enjoying the convenience and social aspects of dining in restaurants and bars. With Glow Money's savings plan, she discovered ways to still enjoy her social life while significantly reducing her expenses.

The Transformation: Sarah made subtle changes that saved her approximately $2,000 annually. She found that home cooking could be both fun and economical.

“I never realised how much I was spending on eating out. Cooking at home has been a great way to save money and try new recipes!” - Sarah

2. Taming the Online Shopping Habit

Current Spend: $11,800 annually

Online shopping was Sarah's go-to for convenience, but it often led to impulse buys. Glow Money's insights helped Sarah make more thoughtful purchasing decisions.

The Transformation: With Glow Money’s guidance, Sarah cut unnecessary purchases, saving around $2,400 over the year. This strategy significantly reduced her impulse buys.

“The new approach helped me think twice before buying and really cut down my impulse purchases.” - Sarah

3. Managing Subscriptions

Current Spend: $3,700 annually

Sarah was struggling to keep track of all her subscriptions, podcasts, streaming services, and fitness apps for services she often barely used. Glow Money's insights helped her identify which subscriptions were truly valuable.

The Transformation: Sarah reviewed her subscriptions and eliminated those that were not essential, saving approximately $900 annually. She retained only the services that added real value to her life.

“Reviewing my subscriptions was eye-opening. I was paying for things I rarely used. Now, I’m saving money and only paying for what I actually need.” - Sarah

4. Reducing Rideshare Expenses

Current Spend: $2,400 annually

Sarah frequently used rideshare services for convenience. Glow Money suggested exploring alternative transportation methods for some of her journeys.

The Transformation: By making smarter transportation choices, Sarah saved approximately $500 annually. Walking or cycling not only saved money but also provided a healthy way to stay active.

“I didn’t realise how much rideshare was costing me. Now, I’m saving money and getting more exercise by walking or biking when I can.” - Sarah

Sarah's Results

Through these thoughtful adjustments, Sarah saved a total of $5,800 annually. She achieved this without feeling deprived, simply by making smarter choices and being more mindful of her spending. Sarah's story with Glow Money shows that with a personalised plan, financial wellness is within reach.


Sarah's journey is a testament to the power of small, mindful changes. Glow Money's personalised savings plan helped her identify key spending areas and provided practical advice for adjustments that led to significant savings. These changes not only improved Sarah's financial health but also enhanced her overall quality of life.

Join Sarah and many others in taking control of your finances with Glow Money. Small changes can lead to big savings, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

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About Glow Money: At Glow Money, we believe financial wellness is about empowering you to make informed decisions. Our personalised savings plans highlight where your biggest expenses are and provide practical suggestions for small adjustments that add up to big savings. Let us help you achieve your financial goals while enjoying the lifestyle you love.

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Disclaimer: This case study is a representative example and has been modified to protect individuals' privacy.