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How Glow Money Finds You Savings

Glow Money Empowers you to Maximise your Money through Mindful Spending and Smarter Financial Habits

Personal Financial Analysis

We start by analysing your current spending—identifying where your money goes, from morning coffees to monthly subscriptions.

Identify Savings Opportunities

Our AI-driven tools spotlight areas where you can save, suggesting changes like cancelling underused subscriptions or switching to more economical electricity providers.

Step 3
Implement Changes

Apply our tailored suggestions to start saving immediately. Whether it’s dining out less or negotiating better rates, we’ll guide you at every step.

Step 4
Track and Refine

Track your savings and refine your habits with our ongoing insights. As your financial situation evolves, Glow Money adapts to keep finding you new ways to save.

Glow Money Helps You Save

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    Reduce Recurring Expenses

    Trim the fat on autopilot expenses. We help you identify and cancel subscriptions you no longer need or switch to more cost-effective options.
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      Lower Household Bills

      Pay less for phone, internet, electricity and gas by comparing and switching to the best providers. Our platform makes it easy to switch and save on electricity, internet, and more.
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        Smart Dining Decisions

        Love eating out? Is food delivery your friend? We’ll help you enjoy it more judiciously, saving you money without sacrificing your lifestyle.

        Success Stories from Our Users

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          Thanks to Glow Money, I’ve saved over $1,000 this year by cutting unnecessary subscriptions and switching my energy provider.

          Megan P

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          I never realised how much I was spending on meal delivery apps until Glow Money showed me. I’ve cut my food delivery bills in half and feel healthier too!

          Mike L

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